About Us

ISTO 2020

About Us

The first thing that clicks in our mind when we think about education is gaining knowledge and learning. Much of the ‘learning’ that is imparted in schools and institutions is largely rote and fails to provide an ecosystem where students learn by doing.

The emergence of STEAM education has proliferated the learning experience. Learning by doing is no longer a concept, but a force that is driving the educators and institutions to look for meaning beyond classrooms.

The education system has always been centered around measuring the performance of a child based upon rote learning.

ISTO provides an opportunity to all the students of 21st-Century on understanding how learning by experiences can bring the difference. The Olympiad is available to all the students from classes 3 to 10. The exam will help students understand their strengths and weaknesses in the core areas of STEAM – Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics and Tinkering Skills.

ISTO will be conducted in three categories – ISTO Junior, ISTO Intermediate and ISTO Senior. ISTO 2020 will be held in three stages – STATE Level, National Level & International Level.


International STEM & Tinkering Olympiad is on a mission to provide a global platform to the students where they can be assessed based upon the experiential-learning based skills and make them realise the need of it.


The Olympiad will be conducted in three stages and will attract students from all over India and abroad. This time, we are launching ISTO in more than 50+ countries.

STATE Level Round

  1. Certificate of Participation to all the students will be provided
  2. STATE Level Ranking in the respective country will be provided.
  3. Top rankers will qualify for National Round on a cut-off basis.


National Level Round

  1. Certificate of Recognition to all the students
  2. National Ranking to be given to all the students
  3. A special psychometric report will be given on Tinkering Quotient
  4. Top rankers will qualify for International Round on a cut-off basis.
  5. Access to Online Experiential-learning platform to selected students.


International Round

  1. The winning students will be awarded the prizes as follows –
  2. Macbook (First Position)
  3. iPad (Second Position)
  4. Amazon Echo (Third Position)
  5. All the qualifiers of ISTO National Round 2020 will get FREE Entry in ISTO 2021.
  6. Certificate of Recognition will be provided to all the qualifying candidates
  7. Top 10 participants across all the categories will stand a chance to be a part of an Online Deep Learning Internship Programme.
  8. Top 50 students from all the categories will get Free Subscription of WizenozeBot – an AI based search engine platform by WizeNoze Netherlands.
  9. The school co-ordinators of all the qualifying schools will be awarded a Certificate of Excellence.